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Types of Body Shapes

Stress can affect your body shape 
You think that your weight has nothing to do with stress? Well, you’re wrong. If we look very far behind we’ll see that prehistoric people were exposed to really great stress – how to find food, how to fight illnesses or how to run away from hungry predators. To get the energy your body releases it in the form of glucose and fatty acids. Modern people don’t actually have to fight lions in order to stay alive, but unfortunately your body is unable to make a difference between “fight-to-live” stress and modern daily strains such as pending bills, tight deadlines or balancing between work and family. In respond your body does absolutely the same – it releases sugars and fats into your bloodstream. And since you’d rather sit in front of a computer all day round instead of hunting wild boars, the unused energy has nothing else to do but just get stored as excess. The result – losing your smile any time you look at the mirror. 
Types of Body Shapes

What’s the good news? There are a few things you could do in order to correct this “injustice” – diet, workout and… be careful, wearing the right shapewear under your clothes. In order to benefit from the third option (the most quickly applicable one), the first thing to do is determine your body shape. But you should know that your female body shape has nothing to do with how skinny, fat, tall or short you are. Nor does it have anything to do with your age. In general, female body shapes can be classified in four types:  inverted triangle (often referred to as the apple shape),  triangle (or pear or spoon shape body), hourglass and rectangle (also known as ruler or banana shape body). 

You have an inverted triangle (apple) shape body if your breasts and waist are almost the same size but your hips are significantly smaller. Your upper body is larger and stronger than your lower body. Other typical features: Undefined waistline, slim legs, flat bottom, large stomach, “love handles”. 
Apple body shape problem areas: Arms, upper back, chest and stomach. Do wear: All over body shapers, Layered skirts; design details that draw the eye down; skirts and pants in the lighter colors than tops; un-tucked tops; straight and flared pants. 

You have a triangle (pear) shape body if your bust-line is narrower than your full hip-line. Your waist is just a little smaller than your bust. You tend to look heavier than your actual weight. Other typical features: Well defined waist, narrow shoulders, typically full thighs, full rounded bottom. Pear body shape problem areas: Putting on weight is mainly from the hips down, especially on the outside of the thigh. Do wear: slimming pants, long leg body shapers, high waist shorts, anti-cellulite shapewear. Light colour tops with a lot of frizzy elements and point laces (layered tops) and dark pants or skirts; jewellery and garment designs that draw one’s eye up. 

You have an hourglass body shape if your bust and hips are about the same circumference and your waist is narrow. It is known as the perfect body shape. Other typical features: strong bones, a lot of muscle mass, great flexibility throughout the entire body. Hourglass body shape problem areas: Triceps, inner and outer thighs, the saddlebag area, and the lower abdomen. You tend to put on weight evenly throughout your entire body, but less at the waist. Do wear: high waist briefs, shaping bodyslips. Tops and bottoms in the same colour; un-tucked tops; skirts and pants with narrow waistbands; straight or flared skirts; hipster pants. 

You have a rectangle body shape if your breasts, hips and waist are about the same circumference. Such women usually have long legs that worth to be shown. They are naturally thin (skinny bananas are typical fashion models). Other typical features: usually small to medium breasts, flat bottom, not much muscle mass or muscle strength. Banana body shape problem areas: You tend to put on weight all over the body, a bit more on the stomach and butt. Do wear: waist cinchers or high waist briefs, to underline your waist; strapless body shapers. skirts and pants with narrow waistbands; straight or flared skirts; waisted, low-rise or hipster pants; shaping vests. So, did you find what your body shape is? And you don’t have the perfect shape? Fortunately, not many of us do (only about 2% of the population). There are hardly a few women meeting the “perfect shape size”. Luckily beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Every woman and each body shape is beautiful. We just need to see the “defects” and “correct” them by wearing the right types of clothes. Shapewear is perfect for emphasizing the best bit of our body and de-emphasizing the areas of our body that we would like to hide.